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Si vous voulez me contacter, vous pouvez me contacter à l'adresse: frank[ASCII:64]

[ASCII:64] signifie @.


Luis Linares, 2013/05/11 10:59

Bonjour Frank!

I'm an electronics guy currently working at CERN (not in electronics-related stuff, though, but in computing). I found this wiki of yours very rich and would like to ask you about your preferred shops (online or not) to get electronics components from. I've been here for 6 months, am learning French (so I could understand most of your articles), and expect to remain for 1.5 years more. So I would like to make the most out of my stay, in terms of learning.

Tres amicalement, Luis

Frank, 2013/05/11 20:37

Hi Luis, that's great ! For the electronic shops, I couldn't fine some in Geneva. But there are still some good ones online, though. I primarily use Farnell (for loads of stuff) or HobbyElectro (when you want a little item without paying 10 bucks in postage !). Also, if you've got time, ebay is great too !

I you like Hacking (w/ computers or w/ electronics), there's a Geneva hackerspace called the posttenebraslab. It could be great ;)



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